My Past Holidays and My Upcoming Holidays!!!!

Welcome to my first ramble-y, inner musings kind of post. As much as it may be ramble-y, and as much as it may be inner musing-y; I’m writing this post for a good reason.

I’m going on holiday. Where to? No idea. It’s a surprise apparently, since it’s my birthday soon. In a sense, it’s come at a bad time since I’ve just got my YouTube channel up and running and just started this blog, but this is why I’m posting about it – so that way you know the reason behind why I may get a bit behind on my posts/YouTube videos!

At the minute I’m currently scrambling to record songs, get videos shot, edit them, think up blog post ideas, write them, manage social media….etc. etc. in order to have a bit of a backlog of videos and posts that I can just upload consistently, but in an unexpected and exciting twist, it turns out that that my boyfriend’s family have bought tickets for us to go and visit them in Atlanta for 2 and a half weeks….only 2 and a half weeks after we get back from our other holiday! So, not only does this mean that I have a whole load of planning for the holiday that I was expecting, I now have double that amount of planning and content creating for the holiday that I wasn’t expecting.

I’m going to try my hardest to keep things consistent and to at least produce enough content to not run out whilst I’m away, but if I do fall behind rest assured that I will be posting A LOT of photos (which you will be able to find in real time on both my Instagram and Facebook accounts which are linked in my ‘About Me’ page) and I plan to make a photo blog post so that you can share the experience with me!

With all this in mind, I’m in a vacationing mood, so I thought I would list all of the holidays that I’ve been on (that I can remember!) and talk about a few of the more memorable ones. Pictures will be included so beware of young(er) Carley!

Bulgaria – this is my most recent holiday that I went on in August 2014. We went to the infamous Sunny Beach, but it wasn’t as crazy as we had heard! Maybe it was because we left on August 29th near the end of the holiday period, but we were expecting a lot more drunk people! Despite all the clubs and the many conveniently place strip clubs (there was a strip club about 30 seconds away from our 4* hotel…v convenient, we went there a lot. That was a joke :p), there was still a lot of history to discover and the beaches were beautiful! The only downside was the food, which I didn’t enjoy at all personally, and both my boyfriend and I ended up getting sick! I spent the last few days of the holiday in the hotel’s medical room in the morning watching my boyfriend get fluids intravenously dripped into him, and the evenings watching him sleep it off. Thank God we had insurance!

Bulgaria 5 Bulgaria 6 Bulgaria 7 Bulgaria Bulgaria 2 Bulgaria 3 Bulgaria 4

Antigua – because who doesn’t want to visit the Caribbean? This was a trip to visit my boyfriend’s family so we stayed with his aunt. It was pretty cool seeing where my boyfriend grew up, and it was amazing how small the country is – literally everyone knows everyone! The beaches were amazing of course, but I got absolutely EATEN by the insects!

Antigua 5 Antigua 4 Antigua 3 Antigua 2 Antigua Antigua 6

China and Hong Kong – this was a holiday we took in March 2013 with my boyfriend’s family. It was definitely an amazing experience! In China everything was so cheap (unlike in Hong Kong, which was crazy expensive), and in both Hong Kong and China we were treated a little bit like celebrities since all of the people that lived there constantly kept asking for our pictures since they weren’t used to seeing non-Chinese people! Apart from one awkward incident where we walked so much all day and I got so tired that I started crying whilst waiting in line to go to The Peak, it was a pretty amazing holiday!

China China 7 China 6 China 5 china 4 China 3 China 2

Italy, Venice – this holiday was a present for my 18th birthday in July 2012. It was hot as hell but so laid back and the culture was amazing. We went on a super over-priced gondola ride that only lasted about 15 minutes, and we ate lots of pizza!

Venice 6 Venice 5 Venice 4 Venice 3 Venice

America, New York –  unfortunately this is where my pictures end – but this was also a trip for a birthday – my 17th! What can I say about New York? It’s New York! We saw an amazing Broadway show on my birthday, got stuck in the city’s never-ending traffic every day and DID SO MUCH SHOPPING. SO MUCH.

Japan – this was a pretty awesome school trip that I was fortunate enough to be able to go on. I was particularly excited about this one because I have always wanted to learn Japanese. Unfortunately it was a skiing trip but I put the immense pain of my own un-athleticism aside and still managed to enjoy the fact that I was in Japan. Also we got to travel on a Pokémon airplane. Yup. That’s right. It was yellow and there were Pokémon painted onto the outside.

Finland – another school skiing trip – it’s the only holiday that I’ve been on that hasn’t been to a hot place, I love the snow and it was awesome to go somewhere that was covered in it! I’d really like to go on another snowy holiday soon. I didn’t so much enjoy the part where we had to do ice fishing however, and one of the Finnish chaperones kept waving the fish at me and pretending to make it talk. It wasn’t funny, but she thought it was hysterical.

Spain: Tenerife, Playa De La Americas, Lanzarote etc. etc. – I’ve been to so many places in Spain when I was young! Somewhere in there was a holiday where my mum told me that Santa Claus didn’t exist. I was 13 but I was still devastated. I don’t have any digital pictures for these holidays but maybe in the future I’ll scan them into a post!

So these are all my holidays so far…I think. Perhaps in a future post I’ll make a list of all the places that I want to go, and why! But in the meantime, where have you been on holiday?!

Hopefully I will be able to carry on uploading – it depends a lot on whether the upload speed at wherever I’m going will be any good! Thanks for reading my post today,

Until next time guys ❤



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