The Rest of My Trip…

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Hey there! It’s been a little while since my last post (in my defence it was really hard to get decent WiFi while I was away!) and a lot has happened. It’s been 4 days since I returned home and I’ve finally unpacked and sorted all of my stuff out. I’ve been told a couple of times that I look tanned (HA!), which, as all exceptionally pale people know, really just means that I look slightly less dead than before. All of the sunburn that I managed to get despite wearing factor 50 sun cream has faded away now, so I suppose those are the bits of me that look ‘tanned’.

Continuing where I left off last time; it was now Thursday.

We visited Naples in Italy, and as the ship left early at 2pm that day we decided to book an excursion to visit the ancient city of Pompeii. Pompeii was destroyed when Mount Vesuvius exploded and basically just killed everyone with its fiery volcano lava of death. It was pretty cool to look around an entire city that was so prosperous at the time; but as I’m not one for sightseeing I did start getting a little bored near the end. This boredom was briefly alleviated when we got to the brothels and saw that they were marked with a hilarious wall fixing of a stone penis, and saw that inside the brothels there were some pretty awkward sex positions carved into the stone on the walls. You know, just in case they ran out of ideas. The brothels did not look particularly appealing to me to be honest, the beds were made out of stone, which, I guess is what you would expect in an ancient city…but still…ouch.

We also the remains of a dead man and his dog that had been completely covered in the lava and ash – so much so that they looked like stone sculptures. It was both fascinating and creepy. And a little sad I guess too.

It was insanely hot that day with little sunshine so I was honestly happy when it was time to leave as I was dying. LITERALLY DYING. For the rest of that day we just relaxed on the ship.

IMG_1933 IMG_1975 IMG_2165

On Friday it was my birthday! The ship docked in La Spezia and we took a train to Pisa. A lot of things actually went wrong that day. We went to visit the baptistery and cathedral, but were not able to get tickets for the Leaning Tower of Pisa because they were all booked up that day. Then one of the tourist-y armament buildings we had wanted to see was closed, and a chocolate shop which was supposed to be amazing turned out to be closed for just that day, which really sucked. So we took the train back to La Spezia and got ready to go out to eat. We couldn’t find two of the restaurants that my boyfriend had scoped out for us and the other restaurants were either closed or too far away. After about half an hour of searching for any other restaurant and finding only bars and seafood restaurants (which we hate), we gave up and went back to the ship, hoping that we would be able to book a last minute reservation for one of the ship’s fancy restaurants.

Fortunately we did manage to do that and we spent the rest of the night eating delicious food, drinking a little bit too much champagne, and then ordering an expensive bottle of champagne to our room which we proceeded to only drink a quarter of, before falling asleep. Things didn’t go to plan and my boyfriend was none too happy about that, but it didn’t ruin my day and I mainly just laughed it off 🙂

IMG_2322 IMG_2358 IMG_2413IMG_2629

On Saturday we arrived in Savona. There’s not much really to say about this day; it was cold and rainy and windy. We explored for a little while but ultimately decided to go back to the ship early.

IMG_2648 IMG_2669 IMG_2757

On Sunday we were in Marseille, which would have been an awesome place full of shopping opportunities – if it wasn’t a Sunday. Nearly everywhere was closed (except McDonald’s – good old McDonald’s) and we explored for quite a while, but after only finding a limited few places open we decided to go back to the ship. On the way we found an amazing chocolate shop which MOSTLY made up for the one in Pisa being closed, and I spent ages in there. Then there was a hotel fire and we stood around and gawked with everyone else for a few minutes before heading back. Unfortunately on the way back we noticed a single open shopping centre and so we had to travel back there, but by that time we only had an hour before the ship was meant to leave so we could only look around for a quick half an hour. That was pretty disappointing since there were actually some really great stores that I would have loved to have gone into.

IMG_2885 IMG_2820

On Monday we left the ship and made our way to our hotel in Barcelona. We left our luggage with the concierge and began exploring. We first went to a zoo where the inner child and animal lover in me got to look at all of the lions and tigers and moose and flamingos. I briefly entertained the idea of riding one of the horses that were available to give small children rides for a couple of euros, before deciding against it and instead dragging my boyfriend into the children’s section of the zoo and ambushing the petting area where I stroked all of the goats with the rest of the five year olds. They licked my hands. It was epic.

After that we paid $40 to visit the aquarium which was very underwhelming and so not worth the money! We ate and then we went to Camp Nou – the Barcelona football stadium where my boyfriend had booked tickets to tour the stadium. We were literally there for about 4 hours. I’m not even remotely interested in any kind of sports so I was pretty bored, but my boyfriend loved it and so I mustered up as much enthusiasm as I could and tried to be at least semi-interested in the tour :p

IMG_3193 IMG_3233 IMG_3459 IMG_3753

We spent most of Tuesday both exploring the city as well as shopping. We must have visited at least 5 different shopping centres, and we also travelled to the La Sangria Familia Basilica – which is a pretty famous church in Barcelona. We didn’t want to stand in line for tickets so we just took pictures of the outside of it rather than going in. Then we went back to the hotel, got changed and went to the beach! At about 8:30pm we went back to the hotel to shower etc. and we started our long journey to find a restaurant that didn’t sell solely seafood. We eventually found one where the staff were relatively rude and did not take our orders correctly…but beggars can’t be choosers I suppose.

IMG_3930 IMG_3953 IMG_3938 IMG_4062

Wednesday was our last day, and we spent it sightseeing and shopping again, before heading back to the hotel in the afternoon to pick up our things and travel to the airport.


My next holiday will commence in about 2 weeks. I’m going to Atlanta (I explain why I’m going away twice in such short intervals in my previous posts), so expect another travel journey blog then!

I know it’s been a little while since I uploaded a post dedicated to singing, so one will be uploaded sometime tomorrow. Thanks so much for reading, until next time guys! ❤



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