My Top 10 PlayStation Games

So this post is a kind of review post that I know won’t appeal to everyone who reads my blog; a review of my top 10 favourite PlayStation games.

Now I know, I know. The first thing that probably springs to your mind is, ‘A girl gamer?!’. Yes, I am in fact a girl, and I do in fact ‘game’. We are actually not as rare as a lot of people seem to think. I’ve loved gaming ever since I was a little kid and I’ve owned a Dreamcast (remember those?!), a GameCube (remember those?!), a PlayStation 2, a Gameboy Colour, a Gameboy Advance, a Nintendo DS, a PlayStation 3, a PlayStation 4 and an awesome gaming computer (which, I won’t lie, is mostly used to play The Sims franchise).

So as you might be able to tell, I like to play video games. I’m not interested in games like COD (which is just awful. Just awful), I like games with an actual story to them. I like killing people just as much as everyone else does (in games of course…:p) but I need there to be a point to the killing, otherwise I find it tedious and uninteresting. If you prefer games where the main objective is to shoot everything, then this list probably won’t appeal to you, but it should appeal to those who like games with a good storyline. This isn’t going to be a hugely in-depth review of all of the games on the list – just a paragraph about each and why I think you should give them a go.

Number 10. At number 10 on my list is Alien: Isolation. Being a huge fan of the movie Alien, I was super excited for Alien: Isolation to be released. Alien: Isolation is survival-horror game, and it does not disappoint. I did find it a bit slow at times, but with plenty of nods to the film and a LOT of stressful alien/android encounters this definitely made up for the brief moments of boredom. You play as Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter who is searching for her lost mother. You embark onto the Nostromo and discover all of its alien-like secrets. And you also make many-an android gush white blood-milk, so that’s also satisfying. It may not be as great of a game that I hoped it would be, but it is very nostalgic and worth playing.


Read the IGN review here

Most memorable scene: the first death scene of bald guy in snazzy yellow tracksuit. Damn.

Number 9. At number 9 is Silent Hill – the original. Released in 1999 for PlayStation 2, it’s safe to say that the graphics are not great. At all. But in my opinion that doesn’t detract from what is ultimately a great game. Silent Hill is a survival-horror game, and although I may have only been young when I first played it, it doesn’t make the game any less terrifying; and the intriguing storyline is something that I always feel makes a game 10 times better. The objective of the game is to make your way through the town of ‘Silent Hill’ whilst searching for your missing daughter Cheryl, and trying to stay alive whilst hordes of creepy…things attack you. Though the latest batch of Silent Hill games have been questionable, the original Silent Hill is a real classic and definitely a game that people who enjoy horror games should check out (if you haven’t already).

Gotta love glitches
Gotta love glitches

Read the IGN review here

Most memorable scene: the death of the nurse. Not only was that a shocker but it was also so poignant. And creepy. To watch this scene, click here!

Number 8. 

At number 10 on my list is Max Payne. Now when I say Max Payne I don’t mean Max Payne 3 – I mean the original Max Payne. A few of the games on my list are going to be relatively old, and so they might not be for the people who can’t tolerate kinda crappy graphics. Max Payne centres around – you guessed it – Max Payne, a detective who seeks to avenge the murder of his family. I have a lot of fond memories of watching my brother play Max Payne when I was very young, and I was probably scarred for life when he got around to playing the dead baby dream sequence (everyone who’s played the original Max Payne knows what I mean!). I believe this game is definitely worth playing despite the aging graphics and the very creepy kind-of-realistic-looking face of Max Payne, as it has a good storyline, plenty of shooting (with the innovative at-the-time bullet time effect) and a chilling voice-over by Max Payne’s voice actor as you follow his internal monologue on his searches for answers.

Yeah, that's his face. It looks kind of realstic-fake? Creepy.
Yeah, that’s his face. It looks kind of realstic-fake? Creepy.

Read the IGN review here

Most memorable scene: dead baby dream sequence. ‘Nuff said.

Number 7. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The game of my childhood! Now I admit, GTA is perhaps not the best game for kids to play, but I didn’t turn into a murderous psychopath…so no harm done as far as I’m concerned. What can I say about GTA that you don’t already know? Probably not much. I’m still attempting to finish GTA 5, but I just found it so boring that I haven’t managed it yet. Is GTA: Vice City better than GTA 5? I don’t know, all I do know is that I just remember it being good. I haven’t played it in quite a while but I got literally weeks of enjoyment out of this game. Even if you don’t like GTA, I would suggest at least giving Vice City a go.

Oh how I miss that crappy Hawaiian shirt.
Oh how I miss that crappy Hawaiian shirt.

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Most memorable parts? Sleeping with prostitutes and then killing them to get (most) of my money back of course, and riding around the beach on a motorbike in order to run over all of the sunbathers, so that I may ‘borrow’ their money with the radio blasting either ‘Waiting for a Girl Like You’ or ‘I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight’. Good times.

Number 6. At number 6 is Beyond: Two Souls. I really love interactive games where my decisions can alter the storyline. This is precisely what you get in Beyond: Two Souls. Although some of my decisions did feel a little unimportant and I wasn’t always sure that they would make a difference to the actual story, I still thoroughly enjoyed the game. The most fun came with playing as Aidan who, in my game, is a complete dick. Always trying to strangle people with its ghost powers etc. etc. Possessing people and strangling them is always fun, although it would have been better if I didn’t have to hear Jodie’s whiny voice every time.

Baby Ellen Page. Aw.
Baby Ellen Page. Aw.

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Most memorable scene: the part where Jodie has to rely on Aidan to kill a bunch of military personnel in order to survive. That. Was. AWESOME. Oh, and deciding which guy you wanted to bone at the end. That too.

Number 5. At number 5 is South Park: The Stick of Truth. Please don’t judge me, I just love South Park. Even if I do have to play the crappy censored version…I watched it all on YouTube anyway so HA censorship. I won’t say that the game has a ‘good’ storyline…but it was both insane and insanely hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and as a huge SP fan who has watched every episode at least 3 times each, I enjoyed all of the throwbacks and references to the show (MANBEARPIG!). If you want a light-hearted, controversial and funny game and you aren’t easily offended then you should definitely check this game out.

Watch a list of the banned scenes below!

Read the IGN review here

Most memorable scene: I don’t even know. The whole thing is just insane. Maybe the giant aborted foetus of Khloe Kardashian? Or maybe the graphic and awkward parent sex scene? I just don’t know…

Number 4. At number 4 is L.A. Noire. This game is definitely a favourite of mine and combines a great story with unique gameplay. You play as a detective, and your objective is to advance through the different police bureaus of traffic, arson, homicide and vice. There are a few nasty looking corpses which you have to examine in detail, so if you’re sensitive to that kind of thing then this game probably isn’t for you. In fact most games probably aren’t for you if you don’t like violence and/or gore. The best part about this game is the unique gameplay, in which you question the victims of the crimes and/or the suspects and through facial tells and body language, have to choose whether to believe them, doubt them or accuse them of lying (in which case evidence has to be provided). If you get it wrong, then this will seriously impact your case and they may not be willing to give you any more information. The facial expressions and mouth movements are some of the best – if not the best – I have ever seen in a video game. They actually look like genuine facial expressions, and this makes deciding as to whether to believe the suspects so much more enjoyable.

On the plus side in the actual game you get to see boobs. On the bad side, I'm not into dead chicks so...
On the plus side in the actual game you get to see boobs. On the bad side, I’m not into dead chicks so…

Read the IGN review here

Most memorable scene: basically all of the interrogation scenes. Believe me, it can be very hard to tell if they’re lying or not and I really screwed up some of my cases. It’s all part of the fun though 🙂

Number 3. At number 3 is The Wolf Among Us. Made by Telltale Games (makers of The Walking Dead, which also deserves a mention), this comic-style game based on an actual comic book, Fables, is incredibly enjoyable. Brought to you in episodic installments, I can’t tell you exactly why I like this game so much or why I enjoyed it more than The Walking Dead, but I did. Maybe it’s due to a twisted sense of enjoyment from seeing all of the fairy-tale characters that I grew up watching and reading about suddenly become three-dimensional characters that deal with adult issues. And they also swear. Snow White swears. So does Sleeping Beauty. Lol. Putting all this aside however, the game does have a really interesting storyline as far as I’m concerned great voice acting, and choices that affect the events of the game. And you know how much I like choices that affect the game.

...I still would.
…I still would.

Read the IGN review of the first episode here

Most memorable scene: how much of a dick you feel like if you choose to rip off that guy’s arm. I felt so bad. He cried 😦 Also…Bigby’s face…am I the only one who finds him kind of attractive? You know…for a video game character.

Number 2. At number 2 is Heavy Rain. Made by Quantic Dream – the creators of Beyond: Two Souls – is one of my favourite games of all time. Movement in the game might be awkward and slightly annoying, but this does not detract from a fantastic game. There are four separate storylines that you follow, all of which interconnect. This is a game where literally your every choice matters. You miss something? You may never trigger a crucial event. You make a mistake? Your character might die, and if they do then they stay dead. Any and all of the 4 main characters can die at any point, and there is no game over. Game over comes when the game is over, not when a character dies. Suffice to say, I love how meaningful your actions feel and the actual story of the game is top notch too.


Read the IGN review here

Most memorable scene: cutting off your own finger. I mean you can choose not to do it but then the people you care about die…damn.

Number 1. For number 1 I couldn’t choose between my two favourite games of all time, so I decided to crown them joint 1st place. These games are the entire Mass Effect franchise and, you may have guessed it, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us.

Starting with Mass Effect; this is a sci-fi adventure game which is full to the brim with a wealth of information about the game’s universe. Set well into the future, and in space, you play as Commander Shepard –  who can be either male or female – who is trying to save the human race as well as all his/her alien chums from annihilation by the reapers. Admittedly, the first Mass Effect game is far from perfect (the Mako will destroy your soul), but ME2 and ME3 by far make up for that and ME1 is definitely worth playing. Once again, all of the choices that you make affect the events of the game and the relationships that you forge. Perhaps most interestingly of all, your decisions in each game get carried over to the next game providing that you keep your save data; so Commander Shepard’s story really is what you want it to be in every game. I have a deep love for the Mass Effect franchise and I have played the games for well over 500 hours to date. Bring on Mass Effect: Andromeda!

Where m'female Shepard at?
Where m’female Shepard at?

Read the IGN review of Mass Effect 2 here

Most memorable scene: so many memorable scenes in ME – and each game is over 15 hours long! You’ll have to play and decide for yourself…:p

Finally, The Last of Us. Chances are you’ve heard of this game. You might even be sick of hearing about it, but as far as I’m concerned all of the rave reviews are worth it. TLoU brings a unique twist on the zombie genre by using a fungus that actually exists (but only attacks insects like ants, thank God) to explain the outbreak of the ‘zombies’. TLoU is a survival-horror game where resources are limited and survival depends on your ability to be stealthy rather than just running into a room with guns blazing. The animation of the game is fantastic and the storyline is less about ‘zombies oh no’ and more about a complex and detailed look into the human psyche, and the extent to which people will go in times of crises to protect themselves and those they care about. The story is so heart-wrenching and well thought out, and the acting is phenomenal.

God help me, he's old but I would.
God help me, he’s old but I would.

Read the IGN review here

Most memorable scene: the ending. Without spoiling anything, never have I received an ending to a game that is the ‘desired outcome’ with so much conflict and uncertainty. This is the only game that has really given me the ending that I want and made me not really want it anymore. This game is brutal and gripping and also Joel is a bit of a hottie. Just saying.

So that’s my list. It is completely subjective and all based on the games that I personally love. Of course, there are many more games that I own and love but these are my top 10.

As for upcoming games that I’m excited about? Until Dawn for definite. I unfortunately won’t be able to play the game until mid-September since I’ll be in Atlanta, but I am mega excited for it. I’m also looking forward to the eventual release of South Park: The Fractured But Whole (ha), and Mass Effect: Andromeda. And of course the latest Sims 4 expansion pack, but that isn’t a PlayStation game :p

Games that I want to play but haven’t yet? Murdered: Soul Suspect and Tales from the Borderlands.

Don’t agree with this list? What’s your list?

Hope you enjoyed this post, until next time guys ❤



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