My Atlanta Adventure

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Hey guys, happy Sunday!

It’s been a while since I posted anything – I had planned to have a few blog posts up including at least one post on my current vacation by now, but unfortunately I’ve been ill for the past week so I haven’t been able to get anything done 😦

I’m in Atlanta, Georgia having arrived here exactly a week ago today. Like I said, I’ve been ill with a pretty nasty cold (I always seem to get ill after long flights) so we possibly haven’t done as much as we’d been hoping.

We’re here visiting (and staying with) family, which is a really nice change from staying in a hotel as you get to see all the local places that you wouldn’t normally get to see in a hotel!

We arrived on Sunday night and both myself and my boyfriend were pretty jet-lagged. We stayed awake until probably about 11pm and then called it a day. On Monday we went grocery shopping – not the most fun thing to do on holiday but we had fun buying all the junk food :p after that we spent the day talking to family. It was Monday that I noticed that I had a slight sore throat and I remember vaguely thinking to myself that I hope I don’t get ill. Ironic, I know.


On Tuesday we – you guessed it – went shopping again! This time to an actual mall though. We drove through the centre of Atlanta and did plenty of sightseeing on the way to the different malls and then of course we did A LOT of shopping. By this point my throat was hurting quite a lot and my nose was blocked. Yep, definitely ill, but I wasn’t too unwell to not have a good time.


So then Wednesday came. I woke up and felt like I was dying. We didn’t do anything that day. I spent the morning feeling sorry for myself whilst in the back garden on the deck…got completely eaten by mosquitos but it was so calming and pretty that day that I didn’t mind. Then we watched a movie and went out to get some pizza which I unfortunately could not taste at all because of my blocked nose. This was perhaps the lowest point of my day 😦


Then it was Thursday! I woke up feeling a lot better, like I could actually get out of bed that day. I was still ill…but I could taste again which I was so thankful for, but I did have a really terrible cough and later in the day I lost my voice.

We decided to go to the zoo that day, which was really cool! Lots of different animals to see and we literally spent about 4 hours there. After the we went out to eat and then came home and relaxed!


On Friday the cough was still there and the voice was still gone…but that would not stop me from going shopping again! In the morning we ran errands with family, and in the afternoon we went to the mall because my boyfriend needed to go to the Apple store to get his phone fixed. Here’s where the kind of lame part comes in. They couldn’t fix his phone and they had to give him a new one…but he had forgotten to back it up recently so we lost all of our pictures – and I didn’t have any because I usually leave picture taking up to him…

So apologies for anyone who follows me on Instagram etc., I will probably be reusing some pictures from there in this post!Screenshot_2015-08-28-20-12-35-1

On Saturday we again went shopping because it’s my boyfriend’s brother’s birthday on Monday and we wanted to get him a gift. We did so…and we also spent maybe a bit too much money on ourselves as well! Also I bought a weird burrito thing that was so disgusting and made me want to puke. Just thought I’d let you all know about that, it was ew. In the evening it was party time! My boyfriend’s family were holding a party for his brother and friends and family from all over came to eat the food and celebrate, which was pretty awesome! Suffice to say we did not get to sleep until about 3am that night.

Me eating that burrito. Yeah.
Me eating that burrito. Yeah.

IMG_4450 IMG_4476 IMG_4508

So that brings us onto today. What am I doing today? Not much, because in my boyfriend’s true fashion of upstaging me with his illnesses he woke up this morning feeling sick, puked a few times over the course of a couple of hours and has been sleeping ever since. This was not alcohol related to all those wondering…not this time anyway :p hopefully once he wakes up he’ll feel a lot better.

Today will probably just be a lazy day where we relax in the house, and I’m not sure what the rest of our vacation will bring! One thing that I know we will be doing is going to a gun range, which is pretty terrifying to me!

IMG_4473 IMG_4500


Hope you all have great weeks ahead and I will update you again soon!

Until next time guys

Carley ❤


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