My Atlanta Adventure Part 2!

Hey guys, happy Saturday! I’m uploading this post late at night because I won’t have time to tomorrow…but more on that later. I hope you’re all having great weekends so far, and since it’s been about 6 days since I last updated you on my vacation I thought I would let you all know what I’ve been up to!

So, where I left off last time. It was Sunday and my boyfriend was just puking EVERYWHERE. As predicted in my last post, we did spend the entire day indoors, mostly just in bed.

On Monday however he felt a lot better and has not puked since (yay!), but since he had been ill the previous day we didn’t want to push it and we had a nice relaxing day with family. We ordered a pizza which was not great tbh, and during the night we all put on face masks (even the guys, which was hilarious) and posed for photos. Then we caught a late showing of ‘Insidious 2’ which was not the greatest of films, but was relatively enjoyable and had some genuinely creepy moments.

IMG_4656 IMG_4666

Then Tuesday came around! We had a bit of a late start and spent some time driving around the city of Atlanta. Then we went to Centennial Park where there were – among other things – a ferris wheel, an aquarium and the Coca Cola museum. Unfortunately we were a bit too late to go into some of the attractions and so we spent about 3 hours in the aquarium which not only had a lot of pretty fish, but also had dolphins, sea lions, penguins, albino crocodiles and beluga whales! After that we went and played in a nearby water feature with the rest of the 3 year olds, briefly visited the CNN building and then we went out to eat.

IMG_4706 IMG_5071 IMG_4853 IMG_5111 IMG_5007

When Wednesday came we didn’t really have much that we wanted so during the day we relaxed, and then during the night we went to an arcade. Originally we had wanted to go roller skating, but they were closed. Then we tried to play laser tag, but they were also closed. So instead we messed around at the arcade for quite a while and then went bowling. I achieved my aim of not coming last (I came second to last) and then we went home.

IMG_5115 IMG_5118

On Thursday we again relaxed most of the day, however we did go out to eat a delicious meal for lunch and then during the night we all snuggled down in our pyjamas and watched a movie.


So excited for that food
So excited for that food

That leaves Friday! On Friday we went go karting which was a kind of scary experience for me since I don’t have a lot of faith in my ability to not crash, but I actually managed not to kill myself! After that we messed around in the batting cages for a while, then grabbed a burrito on the way home. As soon as we got home we had to leave again as we wanted to catch the weekend showing of the Stone Mountain laser show, which was pretty impressive!



IMG-20150905-WA0001 IMG-20150905-WA0002

So that’s been my week so far! I have to wake up at about 5am this morning (Saturday) as we’re driving up to Florida for the weekend and returning on Monday! That will be a really nice weekend break (even though the weather forecast says that it will be raining the whole time) and it will be a nice end to a lovely vacation (we leave at night on 10th September).

Hope you all have great weekends!

Until next time guys,

Carley ❤


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