My Atlanta Adventure Part 3!

Hey guys, happy Sunday! I hope you’ve all had great weeks and have another great week to come!

I’ve been home now for just under 2 days and although it’s nice being home (I’ve missed my dogs sooo much!) I’m still a little sad that my vacation has ended so soon. Regardless though, I’d like to catch you up on what I did for the rest of my holiday!

As I mentioned in my last post, on Saturday we were driving up to Florida. Commence a gruelling 7 and a half hour car journey that I was more than happy to see end. That day we got settled into our apartment that was rented for the duration of the stay and took advantage of the resort’s pool! As much as I hate swimming (or being in water in general…you know…apart from having a shower etc…I’m clean, I promise!) my boyfriend managed to coerce me into the pool where I messed around with him for a bit and then proceeded to bang my foot and ankle on the metal stairs leading out of the pool, giving myself a couple of nasty bruises. Ouch. After we showered we went out to eat at a nice little Italian restaurant which was delicious, and then we took a late night visit to Universal Studios! We mostly looked around and took pictures as the rides were closed and so were many of the shops.


Having to wear your glasses in the pool sucks
Having to wear your glasses in the pool sucks
This mountain of food is actually supposed to be bruschetta...
This mountain of food is actually supposed to be bruschetta…

IMG_5452 IMG_5518

Sunday was a relatively uneventful day. Florida greeted us with heavy rain and thunderstorms and we visited friends who put on a party of sorts with food. Also I walked into a glass door like one of those dogs in cartoons, and a frog jumped on my foot.


On Monday we went to Disneyland! I’m not a huge fan, but it was nevertheless a fun experience. There were some pretty cool rides (especially the Lilo and Stitch ‘ride’!), but nearly all of them had 30-40 minute waiting times. Were any of them really worth the wait? Not in my opinion, but since I am an eternal cynic, thrill seeker, and, as mentioned, not really a Disney fan, I’m sure many people would think that it was. Despite my aching legs and the waits, I still had a lot of fun laughing and joking with everyone and spending time with family.

IMG_5610 IMG_5706



Tuesday…another delightful car journey…except this time it lasted for 10 hours instead of just 7 and a half. We collapsed into bed when we arrived home.

I don't have any pictures for that day so here's a picture of a puppy instead
I don’t have any pictures for that day so here’s a picture of a puppy instead

This brought us to Wednesday and, yet again, we went shopping! We spent most of the day looking and purchasing from the different shops, and now my bank account hurts. Like, physically hurts me. During the evening we went out for a meal since this was our last full day. Hilariously, after the meal we all decided to go to a strip club. Yes, a strip club. We got ready and left for the club in which we spent quite a few hours. Since it was mine and my boyfriend’s first time at a strip club we mostly just gawked at the strippers on the poles. Then my boyfriend’s brother bought us both a dance, which was both a strangely enjoyable and awkward experience. There was one pretty awesome moment however when my stripper held onto my ankles and did a kind of naked hand/headstand on me.

I don’t have any photos of the strip club…:p

By the time we got home it was about 4am and I spent about half an hour complaining that I didn’t want to start packing my suitcase and then I eventually just did it and fell asleep.

I'm still terrified by this heart-attack on a plate.
I’m still terrified by this heart-attack on a plate.
Got the stack for the strip club XD


Our last day was Thursday. Our flight was late in the evening and so we had the day to spend with family before we left. At lunchtime we went to a gun range, where I shot my first gun! It was slightly terrifying, but I managed the gun relatively well, didn’t kill anyone and didn’t hit myself in the face with the gun due to the recoil. The first gun I shot I think was a 380. calibre and the second gun was a more powerful 40. cal. During the afternoon we ran some last minute errands and got something to eat, and then we came home and finished packing and went to the airport.

By the way, if you’re interested in watching the videos of me shooting a gun for the first time, let me know! I’m considering uploading them 🙂

IMG_6268 IMG_6254 IMG_6213

No, they really don't...
No, they really don’t…

It was really sad to leave family, but I’m looking forward to the next time we can visit!

Hope you enjoyed this post, and until next time guys.

Carley ❤


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