About Me!

If you’re anything like me, verbally expressing your emotions to other people can be a little challenging. I think that this is why I’ve always loved singing ever since I was a kid; because it allows me to convey so many things without explicitly having to sit down and have that awkward face-to-face ‘what’s wrong’ conversation.

I could spend forever listing what I love about singing, but if you’re following my blog/interested in following my blog, chances are you already know all of these reasons because you feel the same way! It’s my dream to one day be signed to a record label and produce music globally, but for now I’m at the beginning of this journey and I really want to connect with people who share my passion.

It would be a lie to say that this blog will be 100% musically dedicated; this is neither my aim nor my intention. I will be posting about a variety of things (animals, health, my inner musings, fitness, food, fashion, other words beginning with ‘f’…), but a large part of this blog will be dedicated to my musical journey, singing and music in general, and most of all as a platform to help and educate others who also love singing.

My singing orientated posts will cover a huge range of things all the way from breath control, whistle pitch and belting, to stage presence and microphone technique. All of the things that I will be posting on will be based on what I have learnt having sang my whole life and having taken singing lessons with vocal coaches since the age of 10. I understand how frustrating it can be when your voice isn’t doing what you want it to do (you mean I don’t sound like Mariah yet?!), and this is why I want to start this blog – to help point people in the right direction when training their voice and to encourage that same passion for singing that I have! I would like to think that my voice and vocal abilities speak for themselves, so if you’re interested then please do check out my YouTube channel which has (or will soon have!) a load of covers of songs and maybe one or two original songs as well! Simply Click Here, or search for ‘Carley Lightfoot’ on YouTube.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to read this short description about me, please follow if you want to learn more, and please feel free to send me links to any covers/original songs that you may make – I’m always happy to check out new artists and maybe even do a review 🙂

Until next time guys ❤


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