7 Things That all Pale People Know to be True

Being pale. This is a topic that I know a lot about considering I walk around most days looking only slightly more tanned than a corpse (and slightly less tanned than a corpse in the dead of winter). I know I’m not the only pale person out there, and with this in mind I created a little list about the things that I KNOW all pale people experience. If you’re pale and you get a little too depressed reading this list then feel free to watch my video that is at the end of this list that is called ‘10 Awesome Things About Pale Skin’!

  1. Finding foundation and concealer that matches your skin tone is near impossible.

The closest foundation colour that I’ve found to my skin tone is Illamasqua’s Rich Liquid Foundation – colour code 100. And as for concealer? Two shades LIGHTER than your skin tone?! HA. Not gonna happen. The most I can hope for is to find a concealer only two shades darker. I know the whole concealer-foundation issue my be a well-known gripe amongst pale people and although I do want to be original, I also can’t justify not drawing attention to something that literally dominates many pale peoples’ lives.

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in 100. 'Nuff said.
Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in 100. ‘Nuff said.
  1. Going to the beach and being told that you’re ‘too pale’.

Has this never happened to you? Because it genuinely has happened to me. On the beach, on the bus, when I’m just walking down the street…people constantly feel the need to tell me that I’m pale. AS IF I DIDN’T ALREADY KNOW THAT.

  1. Catching a glimpse of yourself in a reflective surface in public whilst wearing white and almost pooping yourself because you think that you aren’t wearing any clothes.

‘OHMIGOD I’M NAKED WHERE ARE ALL MY CLOTHES-oh wait, I’m wearing them, they’re just the same colour as my skin’.

  1. Wearing dark clothes and looking instantly goth.

God forbid that you have black hair too.

  1. Standing next to any non-pale white people or any dark-skinned people in photos, especially when the flash is on.

Here is a picture of my boyfriend and I. I look like Casper.

Don't worry, I'm a friendly ghost.
Don’t worry, I’m a friendly ghost.
  1. Being the only one to not wear face paint/make-up on Halloween.

Why bother using white face paint? It’ll just blend into your skin tone…and if you were going to put white make-up on your face you’d just use your normal foundation tbh. And as for anything else? Just skip the concealer and your dark circles under your eyes will be terrifying enough.

  1. The struggles of tanning.

You know, when there’s a wedding or a formal event and you REALLY don’t want to apply fake tan, but you know everyone else will be and you’re worried that if you don’t you might seem underdressed. I know that feeling bro, I share your pain.

That was today’s post guys! If you want to feel some pale acceptance and pride then watch the video below!

Thank you so much for reading/watching, I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and I have you have great weeks!

Until next time guys!

Carley ❤


It’s Autumn!

Hey guys, happy Thursday! So it’s September, and summer is over. Maybe it’s still pretty warm wherever in the world you are (or maybe it’s hot no matter what time of the year where you live), but for those of us who live in seasonal countries it’s starting to get colder! Like a lot of people I love summer but there are times when I just wish that summer was over. In celebration of the fall season arriving, I decided to do a list of both the reasons why I’m glad that summer is over and the reasons why I’m glad that autumn is here!

Why I’m Glad That Summer is Over

Close up of a mid adult woman looking weary

  • I can start wearing more comfy clothing! I love summer fashion but sometimes I wish I could add more comfortable layers without melting.
  • Foundation won’t melt off of your face, and/or rub off on your sunglasses/glasses.
  • I’m incredibly pale; going out in the sun without sun cream is basically an invitation for skin cancer. And I hate wearing sun cream, it’s sticky and annoying 😦
  • I can wear my hair down without it sticking to my neck!
  • No more underarm sweat.
  • No more boob sweat. Yikes.
  • I can start my chunky boots again! And cute socks!
  • I don’t have to keep feeding my dogs ice cubes and putting wet bandanas around their necks to cool them down 😦
  • I won’t need to have a shower every time I walk my dogs
  • No more mosquitos! I hate them 😡
  • I can drink hot drinks again without dying from heat stroke
  • I won’t need to paint my toenails every time the polish starts to chip – nobody will be seeing them anyway :p

Reasons Why I’m Glad That It’s Now Autumn 


  • Cosy sweaters! There’s nothing better than the feeling of getting all wrapped up in your comfiest clothes 🙂
  • I can start wearing my leather jacket again – which really helps to make look like less of a clumsy fool and more like someone that’s actually cool :p (rhyming, yeah!)
  • As stated above; I can put my tea collection and my cute cup to good use!
  • It’s cooler than in the summer, but to a comfortable degree. I’m not freezing when I go out, but I’m not dying of heat stroke either.
  • Autumn fashion! Dark lips! Red lips! All the make-up choices!
  • Hot baths are actually relaxing now – I’ve got to get myself some Lush bath bombs immediately 🙂
  • The leaves look all pretty as they start to go brown…I know some people might find them annoying because they have to keep sweeping them up, but I think it looks really pretty! And I get to step on the leaves and crunch them! Everybody loves crunchy leaves 🙂
  • Again, less mosquitos. Always a bonus.
  • Halloween is coming! I never get invited to Halloween parties because I have no friends (:(), but I still dress up every year and watch horror movies all day and night. I just force the boyf to watch them with me, and if he won’t my dogs are always down for some extra cuddles and attention while I watch! I love Halloween ❤
  • My lack of social life is less obvious. In the summer everyone is like ‘oh you should get out more’, but in the autumn everyone stops badgering me about that and they let me watch my YouTube videos all day in peace, because nobody wants to go out so much when it’s colder!
  • All the kids go back to school…less crowded shopping centres, parks, cinemas…etc.
  • It’s the beginning of school/college/university and you’re only just starting to learn the syllabus – no need for exam stress yet!
  • And finally, I can take my dogs on longer walks because they’re not struggling in the heat 🙂

Hope everyone enjoyed this list, have I missed anything out? What’s your favourite season?

If you haven’t already, please check out my latest cover video on YouTube (I’ll link down below).

Hope you all are having great weeks so far!

Until next time guys

Carley ❤